E3 is a learning space with a difference. It is an energetic learning hub driven by the experience, wisdom and inspiration of our mentors, our partners and our participants in equal measure.

It is designed to support the talents and aspirations of local youth who want to further their education, find meaningful employment or start a business of their own.

We offer self-directed learning journeys that are based on the specific goals and aspirations of our programme participants. With this in mind, our core group of mentors provides invaluable life and work lessons that our participants can draw on to enrich their own learning experience.

Through the course of our programme, our participants build their own personal success portfolios – a tangible record of their learning journey that transforms their goals, dreams and aspirations into  workable plans.

These dynamic personal development roadmaps are built around technical input received during interactive training sessions and through access to a broad range of business leaders and passionate professionals in Mpumalanga and beyond.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

We believe that the E3 experience is able to impact the lives of many through its “pay it forward” philosophy. Our alumni pay their learning forward by sharing their skills and experiences with their peers, families and communities to effect wide-ranging positive change.


One of our primary goals is to build networks with local individuals, businesses, FET institutions, funders and investors to support both the work of the E3 Learning Hub and the career and entrepreneurial aspirations of its alumni.

E3 is proud to have the support of champions and collaborators who are seasoned business leaders and free-thinking change makers committed to improving the lives and livelihoods of our youth.

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